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Immigration Evaluations

Navigating the immigration process and the transition from one culture to another can be a very stressful, confusing, and difficult experience for individuals and family members. If your attorney suggested that you obtain a report from an Immigration Evaluation Therapist, you’ve come to the right professional.

 My Background:

  • A Licensed Mental Health Practitioner in the State of Florida

  • 10 years experience helping families and individuals with the immigration process

  • Assessments offered in English, Spanish, & Portuguese

  • Experience working with diverse cultural & ethnic backgrounds

Types of Evaluations offered:

  • VAWA Evaluations (Violence Against Women Act Immigration Petitions)

  • Hardship Evaluations (Hardship Immigration Petitions)

  • Political Asylum Cases

In my experience, a comprehensive psychological evaluation adds surmountable value to immigration cases. My expert leveled evaluation demonstrates the hardship with a detailed medical history, psychological, and emotional impact of both separation and relocation.

These portions are crucial information for extreme immigration hardships. It is of utmost importance that the clinical evaluation report be prepared by a licensed professional who has experience with the unique requirements of the extreme hardship standard used in I-601 and I-601a waiver applications. The results of this thorough evaluation, can be used by your attorney to support your case and move forward with your immigration proceedings.

Fee Structure

  • $650 per 2-hour Psychological Evaluation (includes a written report for your case) 

  • $135 per Counseling Session

Payment plans available for individuals and families.

I look forward to helping you through your immigration journey. You are not alone in this difficult process. Call today for a free 15-minute consultation.

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