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We Are a Mental Health & Holistic Wellness Center Serving Children, Adolescents, Adults, and Couples.

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Beyond Counseling Wellness Center offers a warm and welcoming environment where clients can feel safe and supported throughout their healing journey. We understand that seeking help for mental health concerns can be challenging, and we strive to create a compassionate and non-judgmental space where our clients can explore their emotions and experiences. We prioritize your healing journey from the very first phone call with our clinical receptionist named Claudia Torres. She will guide you through the initial process by asking thoughtful questions, gathering relevant information, and scheduling an initial consultation while answering any questions you may have. She ensures that our clinicians are well-prepared to address each client's unique requirements.

One of the key elements of our approach is the use of integrative techniques. We believe that each individual is unique, and therefore, their treatment should be tailored to their specific needs. Beyond Counseling’s team works collaboratively with our clients to develop personalized treatment plans that are effective and sustainable. Our team consists of licensed therapists and alliances with other medical providers. This alliance offers our clients access to a team of medical professionals, including psychiatrists, psychologists, nutritionists, and other allied health providers. This integrated approach helps address any potential underlying medical conditions or medication needs that may be impacting our clients' mental health. Our medical providers work closely with our therapists to ensure a comprehensive and holistic approach to treatment.

If you are ready to take the first step in a healthier direction, we invite you to explore our services and schedule an appointment with one of our compassionate and experienced clinicians. We look forward to helping you with your journey to wellness!


“Take a Step In The Right Direction For Your Mental and Physical Wellbeing.”

Welcome to Beyond Counseling Wellness Center! We are a comprehensive counseling group of licensed mental health professionals here for you or a loved one struggling with mental health. Our team is committed to supporting our clients every step of the way in their healing process.  We offer high-quality treatment and support for our clients beginning their journey toward emotional well-being and personal growth.

At Beyond-Counseling Wellness Center, we specialize in providing mental health treatments for adults, children, and adolescents. 
Our dedicated team of professionals is experienced in addressing these common diagnoses and tailoring treatment plans to meet the unique needs of each individual. We commonly diagnose a range of conditions including:

  • Anxiety disorders

  • Depressive disorders

  • Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

  • Eating disorders

  • Couples Counseling

Our mission is to provide quality mental health care to our clients by using an integrative approach and a personalized treatment plan based on your lifestyle.  At Beyond-Counseling Wellness Center, we believe in a holistic approach to health and wellness. We understand that mental and physical health are interconnected and affect each other. Through our integrative approach, we collaborate with other medical providers to ensure that all aspects of your care are addressed and coordinated. We have successfully helped thousands of our clients restore their mental health, let us help you!


Combined we have over 30 years of helping others navigate through life’s obstacles with healing, using a personalized approach, self-discovery, and teaching new life skills. As licensed and experienced therapists, we can help you, too!


Mental health evaluations and assessments are essential at Beyond-Counseling because they provide a comprehensive assessment of an individual's mental health and functioning. Mental health evaluations provide important information that helps our clinicians understand the needs of their clients, such as mental health diagnosis, medical history, social history, psychological and cognitive functioning, and other factors that may help to gain insights into the individual's condition. This information is then used to formulate an appropriate treatment plan that can help an individual better manage their mental health condition. Additionally, mental health evaluations can serve as preliminary steps in providing referrals for specialized care for more complex mental health needs. By conducting a thorough and comprehensive mental health evaluation, clinicians at Beyond-Counseling are better able to provide effective and personalized treatments to help individuals achieve better overall well-being. The assessments used for diagnosing mental health disorders in adult and child clients can include:

  • Psychological Evaluations

  • Behavioral Assessments

  • Immigration Evaluations 



Happy Woman


I was searching for a therapist to help me with finding balance. I was experiencing severe anxiety and it was impacting my entire life!  Beyond-Counseling has been nothing short of miracles for my needs. My therapist helped me through every life change/event possible. Beyond Counseling has extremely skilled, compassionate, caring therapists! I HIGHLY recommend Beyond -Counseling for anyone seeking to improve any area of their life.

Bald Happy Man


I  don’t even know where to begin! I began my journey with Beyond Counseling Group practice in May 2020 with Amanda and I wish I had met her sooner! Amanda welcomed me into her practice with open arms. I felt and continue to feel her presence and love in every session. Not only is she a mentor/therapist to me, but someone I confide in and highly respect. She has helped me conquer many obstacles in my life making everything easier to face.
One out of many things I love about my journey with Amanda is she’s ALWAYS teaching me new things and our next session is always better than the last! She recently introduced me to hypnotherapy, all I can say is WOW! What an incredible experience... 

Mother and Daughter Hugging


Where do I begin. First and foremost I just express how grateful I am to have found Beyond Counseling. Amanda has from the beginning been a professional, kind and person. So grateful to have found you guys. Without a doubt I must say you will not be disappointed at all with Beyond Counseling


your new journey starts today

Main Office - Sunrise

7800 West Oakland Park Boulevard Sunrise, FL 33351
Suite D-211




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