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Claudia Torres
Clinical receptionist at Beyond-Counseling Wellness Center

Claudia Torres, the clinical receptionist at Beyond-Counseling Wellness Center, is a shining example of love, care, and dedication in her administrative role. She has a remarkable passion for helping others and thrives on building connections with clients, guiding them every step of the way on their wellness journey.


Claudia understands the importance of effective communication and ensures that lines of communication are open and clear between staff, clinicians, and clients. She goes above and beyond to create a supportive and welcoming atmosphere, making sure everyone feels heard and understood.


Her dedication to her role is evident in her commitment to helping clients reach their fullest potential. Claudia truly believes in the power of therapy and takes great pride in contributing to the success of each individual's journey toward healing and personal growth.


Claudia's role as a clinical receptionist is invaluable to the Beyond-Counseling Wellness Center. Her loving and caring nature, coupled with her dedication and passion, make her an essential part of the team. Without her tireless efforts, the center would not be able to provide the exceptional level of support and care that clients deserve.


Her essential tasks vary but generally include:


  1. Greeting clients: Claudia warmly welcomes clients as they arrive at the center, providing a friendly and welcoming environment. She ensures all clients feel comfortable and supported.

  2. Scheduling appointments: Claudia manages the scheduling system, coordinating appointments between clients and therapists. She ensures the availability of therapists matches clients' preferences and maintains an organized schedule.

  3. Managing phone calls: Claudia handles incoming phone calls, answering inquiries, and directing them to the appropriate therapist or staff member. She maintains communication etiquette and professionalism on the phone.

  4. Collecting patient information: Claudia gathers necessary information from clients, such as personal details, medical history, and insurance information. She ensures all information is accurately recorded and securely stored in the center's database.

  5. Billing and insurance coordination: Claudia assists clients with their insurance questions, verifying coverage, and explaining payment options. She handles insurance claims, invoices, and billing, ensuring accurate record-keeping and timely reimbursement.

  6. Facilitating paperwork: Claudia provides clients with necessary forms, ensuring they are completed and signed correctly. She collects and organizes the paperwork, updating client files as needed.

  7. Assisting therapists and staff: Claudia provides administrative support to the therapists and staff as needed. This may include tasks like organizing documents, sending emails, or helping with office management duties.


Overall, Claudia plays a vital role in ensuring efficient client service and smooth operations at Beyond-Counseling Wellness Center. Her tasks encompass client interaction, appointment management, record-keeping, and administrative assistance to contribute to the overall success of the mental health practice.

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