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Challenges and struggles are inevitable in life. Work-life balance, adjusting to an unexpected job loss, difficult relationships, family conflicts, financial difficulties, health issues, or even losing a loved one are just a few of life's numerous challenges. While some stressful situations are pleasant, such as receiving a promotion at work or moving into a new home, they can make it difficult to manage when they happen. But what happens when anxiety gets overwhelming?

You may be dealing with severe anxiety if your concerns and fears start to interfere with your everyday activities, if you find it difficult to control them, or if you no longer know how to maintain your composure. Anxiety can be brought on by upsetting situations (or even ones that seem to be going just fine) and can have both short-term and long-term emotional and physical impacts.

You could occasionally feel one or more of these signs without having anxiety. It could be mild or transient. If these symptoms continue to bother you, interfere with your life, or you struggle to control them, anxiety counseling may be right for you. Don't delay doing it. Why not create the happy, fulfilling life you deserve?


  1. Do you frequently worry about loved ones, your job, finances, and other aspects of your life?

  2. Do you struggle to sleep at night as a result of overthinking?

  3. Do you have any bodily symptoms, such as a rapid heartbeat, muscle aches, shortness of breath, or muscle tension?

  4. Have you noticed changes in your eating habits, such as eating more than usual or less than usual?

  5. Are you unable to live the life you want due to specific fears?

  6. Do you feel unable to focus and complete your daily routine?


If you answered yes, to the above questions, you might be struggling with an anxiety disorder. Beyond Counseling offers anxiety assessments to determine your treatment needs.


Are You Ready For A Change? Anxiety Counseling Can Help.

At Beyond Counseling, we have a staff of compassionate and seasoned counselors who are committed to assisting you with managing anxiety symptoms. Together, we can support you in your journey by using strength-based approaches to anxiety. We personalize your treatment by matching the needs of your lifestyle while teaching you strategies to manage anxiety. We focus on discovering your strengths in therapy to help you generate the change you need with long-term positive outcomes. Successful counseling treatments can help people find serenity, harmony, balance, and a renewed sense of overall well-being. We offer in-office or telehealth sessions.  

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