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At Beyond Counseling, we specialize in social skills training for children and teenagers. Our integrative approach incorporates various techniques to help individuals develop and enhance their social skills, ultimately improving their relationships and overall well-being. Social skills are among the essential abilities that children and adolescents learn since they typically act as indicators of future success. According to one study, children who performed higher on social skills tests were four times as likely to graduate from an undergraduate university. Social skills are also connected to career success, freedom, and emotional well-being. Those with adaptable social skills are frequently better at observing, problem-solving, and responding in social settings.


  1. Is your teenager having trouble making or keeping friends?

  2. Do they complain about being lonely when they get home from school, depressed and upset?

  3. Is it difficult for your child to greet others, request information, or garner attention?

  4. Do they have difficulty perceiving things from diverse perspectives?

  5. Do they struggle to comprehend facial expressions or body language?

  6. Are they neglecting to see other people's rejection actions?

  7. Do they stray from the subject or dominate conversations?

Being a parent and observing your child struggle in social situations can be upsetting. You want your kids to be socially secure and have friends. If you have answered yes to 3 or more of these questions, your child's social skills could benefit from specialized training. Reach out to Beyond Counseling today to schedule an assessment and learn more about how our program can support your child's growth and social success.


At Beyond Counseling, we want to support your child's social skill development, ultimately boosting their confidence, relationships, and overall growth. We work with the adolescent and parents to establish the appropriate treatment plan. We incorporate techniques such as art therapy, Social Skills training,  CBT, role-playing, dialogue growth, and observing others. We also address any underlying concerns like anxiety and despair.

We understand that bringing your child to therapy can be confusing and frightening. However, we assure you to do everything we can to help your child develop a toolbox of social skills that will serve them well throughout their lives.

Call now to schedule social skills training for your child or teen. Help them develop the skills they need to succeed in social situations and build meaningful relationships. Contact Beyond Counseling today to get started.

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