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Luana Johnson
Executive director and credentialing specialist at Beyond-Counseling Wellness Center

Luana Johnson is the executive director and credentialing specialist at Beyond-Counseling Wellness Center.  Luana Johnson is dedicated to the success of Beyond-Counseling Wellness Center. Her administrative role allows her to make a positive impact on the lives of clients, staff, and clinicians, helping them reach their fullest potential and create meaningful change.


Her essential tasks vary but generally include:


  1. Insurance verification: Luana handles the administrative tasks related to verifying insurance for clients. This includes verifying coverage details, determining copayments or deductibles, and communicating with insurance providers to ensure the smooth processing of claims.

  2. Credentialing process: Luana is responsible for managing the credentialing process with health insurance companies. This involves submitting necessary documentation, obtaining necessary approvals, and ensuring that providers at the center are eligible to bill insurance for their services.


Overall, Luana's role as the executive director at Beyond-Counseling Wellness Center entails a blend of administrative, managerial, and strategic responsibilities aimed at maintaining the smooth functioning of the center and ensuring quality care for clients and staff.

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