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I faced challenges with making the right choices and this impacted my energy, relationships, work, health, and my mind . When I started making the right decisions, there was a huge shift in my life and body. Amanda helped me embrace the most difficult times in my life by not letting them define me. She gave me the tools to live a more balanced, goal oriented, and healthier lifestyle. Her greatest strength is her kindness and knowledge. I am grateful for the having a life changing coach. 

Catalina Rossi

Amanda helped me find myself through my darkness. I saw opportunities in my life that I never thought were possible before. The results speak for themselves. Before seeking a Health and Life Coach, I thought I was going to lose my mind. I ate very unhealthy, gained weight, stressed out, experienced insomnia, and I was struggling to function every day. The tools I learned will forever guide my journey. Amanda's ability to connect with the problem in a compassionate way and offer new tools for optimal change helped me overcome my insecurities and hardest times.

I highly recommend her services.

Justin Ross

My daughter had poor self-esteem, academic achievement, and troubling peer relationships. I was so concerned because she would lock herself away in her room away from her family life. Today we have our loving daughter and mother relationship back! She went from an an C/D student to a B student in one semester!

Amanda’s guidance, skills, and motivation helped change my daughter’s relationships, grades, and overall being. Thank you!

Rachel Goldman

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