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Kristie Papuchis
Clinical director at Beyond-Counseling Wellness Center

Kristie Papuchis is the clinical director at Beyond-Counseling Wellness Center. Kristie Papuchis is a highly dedicated and passionate team member who excels in her administrative role as the Clinical Director of Beyond-Counseling Wellness Center. Her commitment to helping clients, staff, and clinicians reach their fullest potential is truly commendable. With her exceptional leadership skills, she effectively oversees and manages all aspects of the company, ensuring a smooth and efficient operation. Kristie's unwavering dedication to creating a supportive and empowering environment is evident in the success of the center and the growth of everyone. She is a true asset to the organization and goes above and beyond to ensure the well-being and success of all involved.


Her essential tasks vary but generally include:


  1. Supervising the clinical staff: Kristie ensures that counselors and therapists are effectively following treatment plans, providing quality care to clients, and meeting professional standards. This includes regularly meeting with staff members to discuss cases, offer guidance and support, and provide ongoing training and professional development opportunities.

  2. Managing client intake and scheduling: Kristie oversees the intake process, ensuring that clients are matched with the appropriate therapist based on their needs and preferences. She also manages the scheduling of therapy sessions, ensuring that clients are seen in a timely manner and that therapist availability is maximized.

  3. Implementing quality control measures: Kristie designs and implements quality control measures to ensure that the mental health practice adheres to best practices and delivers high-quality services. This may involve conducting regular chart audits, monitoring client satisfaction, and implementing improvements based on feedback or data analysis.

  4. Overseeing administrative functions: In addition to clinical oversight, Kristie is responsible for the administrative functions of the practice. This includes managing budgets, monitoring financial performance, and ensuring compliance with laws and regulations related to mental health services. She may also handle HR functions, such as hiring, training, and evaluating staff members.

  5. Participating in strategic planning: Kristie plays a key role in strategic planning for the mental health practice, working closely with other members of the administrative team. She contributes to the development and execution of long-term goals and objectives, with a focus on improving client outcomes and expanding services.

Overall, Kristie Papuchis's day-to-day tasks involve a combination of clinical supervision, operational management, and strategic leadership, all aimed at ensuring the effective and efficient functioning of the mental health practice at Beyond-Counseling Wellness Center.

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